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Bag Packer around the globe: A trip to popular international tourist locations

01 December 2016

Bag Packer around the globe: A trip to popular international tourist locations

I suffer from deadly disease “wanderlust.” For the outside world, it is an ailment that should be cured, but for me, it is a new way to life. Travel is a part of my life, and this is the most beautiful feeling in the world. To give my passion a big shot, I decided to take a world tour. I just sat down with my laptop and my notepad to jot down the cities which are worth visiting and the cities which can be visited later on. Looking at the options made me confused, and I decided to have a professional advice that came in the way of The Travel Shop. The Travel Shop helped me outline a route map for the trip as well as helped in creating a budget according to my desires. The cities I traveled gave me a new perspective towards life and travel and I am happy that I visited the following cities across the globe.



Due to my keen interest in architecture, I decided to pay a visit to Dubai. Oh! What a beauty it was. Really, it mesmerized me to the core. The skyscrapers and the high rise- buildings just made my hat fall off from my head. The Burj Khalifa was so high that it seemed to touch the sky. The observation deck on the 124th floor of the Burj is the second highest after the Shanghai World Financial Center. Ah! The Dubai fountain or the dancing fountain is such a must see. I also had a chance to look at the Dubai Lake and the Dubai Mall along with Burj Al-Arab Hotel. The Travel Shop organized for city tour along with afternoon tea at Burj Al-Arab that was a mesmerizing experience. A phenomenal skyline, world-class hotels, beach, a small mall, and extravagant walkways were offered by the Dubai Marina. A lovely experience was to have a look in the market places, and quench shop cravings was a visit to the Palm Islands that was the best place I ever visited in any city because of the luxury resorts.



I always had an urge to visit Paris even when I was in my teens. It is the most beautiful romantic places in the world. Eiffel tower was the first place I visited in Paris. The lights, the air, and the aura engulfed me and took me somewhere to an unknown place. After Eiffel Tower, the visit to Notre Dame de Paris was memorable. The stained glass art and the view of whole Paris at Notre Dame sent an enthusiastic vibe through my veins. The Louvre museum with a vast collection of Roman sculptures along with Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ gave a new perspective to my knowledge about art. The ornate ceilings and walls were a great epitome of the ancient art. After a wonderful time at tourist locations, I headed to the Latin Quarter for shopping. I really enjoyed my stay at Paris, and The Travel Shop helped in planning the trip throughout.



An interesting place to visit if one likes the rich cultural heritage and history of places. The destination suggested by The Travel Shop was an experience in itself. Mount Pelion is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions. The forest road is serene and outside of the city buzz. The five Star Porto Carras Hotel and Resort in Halkidiki, where I was to stay for a day, offered a once in lifetime experience. I had a great time interacting with people. After my escapades with luxury, I went to the port and marina of Naupactus that was beyond description. One has to be there in order to know about the beauty. A visit to the Museums of Greece made my bag full of Roman cultural knowledge and historical importance. I had many stories to share with people when I get back for which I am grateful of The Travel Shop’s planning.



What should I say other than beautiful for these places? Malaysia is again a heartwarming city. Kuala Lumpur is known for Petronas Twin Towers, alluring shopping areas and appetizing dining areas.  The trip to Bird Park, The Aquaria KLCC, and the Bukit Bintang, planned by The Travel Shop stole my heart. All I wanted was to stay there longer. Kota Kinabalu, known for its beaches and the rainforest is where I knew the beauty of sunbathing to heart’s content. After the sunbath, the visit to Malacca city gave me seafood tasting experience that lingered in my mouth for a couple of days. I ended the trip on a happy note and was pleased that I took the decision to travel with the help of The Travel Shop.

I pay my gratitude towards The Travel Shop that helped me arrange for the trip and for making my trip exciting and memorable. I will hold on to these memories for a longer time than usual because the trip didn’t go out of my budget and I had no difficulty while the whole traveling period because of expert planning and professional management. I will look forward to The Travel Shop for my next trip, too.

–    As quoted by Mr. Ravi Verma, who planned and executed a world tour with the help of The Travel Shop

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