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Chattisgarh – History

On November 1, 2000 India gave a birth to a new state Chattisgarh. The new state is carved out of India’s largest state Madhya Pradesh.The demand for the new state can be traced to a meeting of a Raipur district congress in 1924, when the idea of a separate entity of Chattisgarh was mooted. The leaders who took part in that meeting were of view that the region of Chattisgarh was culturally and historically distinct from the rest of Madhya Pradesh. The origin name of Chattisgarh is derived from the ancient dynasty South Kaushal that we later know as Chattisgarh. Haihyaranshi King Kalchuri rules this state from his capital Saraathpur (Sispur) and had two sons. His elder son Vir Singh Dev made his capital at Ratanpur and his other son Keshv Dev established his capital at Raipura (Raipur State). Fortunately Kolchuri Raja’s both the sons had eighteen sons each had they divided the state into eighteen parts each comprising a “Garh” or “fort”. Thus these were eighteen forts or grahs on each side i.e., north and south of river Shivnath. Thus because of the 36 forts in southern Kosal, it was named as Chattisgarh. These has been famous since ancient times for its natural abundance. Even Hieun Tsang had mentioned about the place’s natural beauty in his travelogues. From the tourism point of view, state has number of diversities. Bastar has its treasure of the abundance of heavenly beauties of nature. The place is bedecked with many waterfalls, caves and rivers.

Raipur Raipur is the capital city of Chattisgarh. The town of Raipur has been in existence since the 9 th century, the old sites and the ruins of the fort can be seen in the southern part of the city. Modern Raipur however, was founded by the King Rama Chandra in the last quarter of the 14 th century AD and now the capital of Chattisgarh.

Places of Interest

Burha Talab: The city has many tanks out of which the Burha Talab is the largest lake and its beauty is enhanced by the existence of an island with gardens and trees in its midst. Dudhadari Temple: Outside the Burha Talab stands 500 years old Dudhadari Temple dedicated to Rama with elaborate carving. Nandvan Picnic Resort: This has been developed along the bank of the Kharun River. This park contains a large number of trees, big lawns, Children Park, wildlife and boating facilities.

Bhoramdeo At Bhoramdeo, 125km east of Kisli (in Kanha National Park),is a small and interesting 11 th century Shiva temple built in the style of the temple of Khajuraho.Carvings cover virtually every external surface, with deities indulging in the usual range of activities, including the familiar sexual acrobatics.

Kawardha Well off the tourist trail, 20 km south of Bhoramdeo, the ex-maharaja of Kawardha has opened part of his palace to guest.

Bilaspur Bilaspur is a bustling city in the north of Chhatisgarh.It has no attraction to speak of, but you may find it convenient to stop here if heading from Kanha National Park to Puri in Orissa.